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It’s great to see you hear at our official Barcode Blog! If you’re in the bar, pub, club, hospitality and drinks industry we hope you’ll find what we write about entertaining, enlightening and educational (hopefully!). If you’re here because you’re wondering who we actually are and how you or your company can benefit from our training scheme then please read below.

Who we are?

Barcode is an initiative by the National Licensed Trade Association (NLTA)www.thenlta.org, a non for profit organisation formed in 2010 to raise the awareness of responsible alcohol retailing. Through its initiatives it not only aims to develop skills and employment opportunities within the alcohol, retail and hospitality industries, but to foster a balanced understanding and level of respect for alcohol through education, communication and public perception.

Barcode is the UK’s only national scheme for the drinks industry that is quality marked by the Sector Skills Council and recognised by the Home Office, the Police, the NHS, the Ambulance Service and the drinks industry itself.

The Scheme is an interactive, online, member-driven initiative for the on-trade. It provides a clear and trusted mark of quality for the drinks industry and awards members with a national qualification – Barcode’s ‘Red Card’, The National Licensed Trade Certificate, Level 1.

How it works?

The Barcode platform is accessible 24/7 via an interactive website and mobile application.

Barcode’s ‘Red Card’, is achieved through completing The Barcode Essential Guide – an online workbook covering Alcohol Awareness, Responsible Alcohol Retailing, Product knowledge, Health & Safety, First Aid Awareness and Licensing Law.

Funds generated via subscription are re-invested into other NLTA initiates such as its Alcohol Recovery centres (ARC’s) and it’s Schools programme. Future profits will be used to maintain ongoing education and to fund increased community support in order to help reduce the cost of anti-social drinking to the public and to alleviate pressure from emergency services.

What are the benefits?

Upon successful completion of Barcode’s Essential Guide, a member receives an accredited qualification which acts as a symbol of their competence and compliance for best practices within the industry. From here they are able to progress onto higher levels within the scheme.

There are many benefits to being a Barcode member. Members can network and showcase their abilities via an individual online profile where they can upload their CV, testimonials, photos and videos. They can also search and apply for jobs within a relevant marketplace, access interesting video content including top tips and how-to demonstrations, enjoy exclusive freebies and discounts and develop their career interests.

Venues and employers can benefit too. With a profile on Barcode, employers can track, in real-time, the progress of each of their staff enrolled on the scheme and pro-actively apply their employee development plans through evidence of an individuals strengths and weaknesses. Outside of their own workforce, they can promote their venue, advertise job vacancies and recruit new staff through intelligent search tools and detailed candidate profiles.

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